We’re losing thousands of people to fentanyl from China: Trump

Security & Defense

United States President Donald Trump said on August 1 that Chinese President Xi Jinping failed in his vow to stop fentanyl from coming to US.

“I think President Xi, who’s somebody I like a lot, I think he wants to make a deal.  But frankly, he’s not going fast enough,” Trump said. “He said he was going to be buying from our farmers; he didn’t do that.”

“He said he was going to stop fentanyl from coming into our country — it’s all coming out of China; he didn’t do that.  We’re losing thousands of people to fentanyl.  And this was time,” he added.

“And very importantly, for many years — you know this better than anybody; you’ve been covering it for a long time — for many years, China has been taking out hundreds of billions of dollars a year and rebuilding China.  It’s time that we rebuild our country,” he added.

“And, you know, the one thing I have to say — and you have to say this: What China is doing is they’re devaluing their currency and they’re pumping money out like they’ve never done before.  And they’re paying for these tariffs; we’re not,” Trump said.