You do it, you do not do it may masabi sila, si Leni – Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte said during his September 21 talk to people that Vice President Leni Robredo and the opposition will have something to say whether the government acts or not.

“People now are really enjoying the reclaimed area with the white sand maski na papaano. Wala naman talaga tayong magawa. You do it, may masabi sila. You do not do it, may masabi si Leni,” PResident Duterte said.

“What do you want us to do? Ang problema kasi nitong ano ‘yung magsabi that we are not doing enough. What can we do with the germ that’s flying around? It’s the microbe that can’t be controlled by any… Anong gawain mo spray mo from the…? Gusto mo spray mo from the sky? DDT? Wala man tayong magawa diyan,” he added.

“Huwag kayong maniwala diyan — sus mga itong dilawan lalo na — I hate to mention her name, but ito si Leni, kung ano-anong pinagsasabi. Alam mo Leni, kung gusto mo — if you really want to do away with the COVID, spray-han natin itong Pilipinas o Manila ng pesticide galing sa eroplano para patay lahat. You cannot — you cannot exterminate the — the COVID by itong ano lang ngayon. And you’ll just — the only thing that we can do really is to wear a mask, wear a face mask, and that’s it and wait for the vaccine. It’s COVID-19 equals vaccine,” President Duterte said.

“Huwag na ninyong palakihin ang problema. Do not add something to the pan — pandemic by making such reckless statements that we are not doing enough. Ginagawa na ni Secretary Duque ‘yung… Halos na nga hindi na kumakain, hindi na — hindi na natutulog sa trabaho. So huwag ninyo masyadong pasobrahan. And do not, I said, delude the people na bobolahin ninyo about not doing enough,” he added.