WESCOM urges Pinoy fishermen to continue fishing ventures in West Philippine Sea

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Western Command (WESCOM) is urging Filipino fishermen to take advantage of the opportunity and continue with their fishing ventures in West Philippine Sea.

“The beaching ramp offered opportunities for development that every Filipino aspired for and stronger partnership in Pag-asa. It hopes to trigger increase maritime activities and it can facilitate with greater efficiency and safety the transfer of large volume of goods and people needed for further developments,” WESCOM said in a statement.

It noted that the new development assures the populace a sustained support to follow from the different government agencies and non-government organization for an easy access to essential social services coming from the provincial and national levels, all geared towards a common aspiration that we hope to achieve- a well developed community in Pag-asa.

WESCOM said its part is devoted to do its mandated tasks to protect and assist Filipino inhabitants in the remote areas in cooperation with the local government of Kalayaan Municipality, Provincial Government of Palawan and all other government agencies sharing the responsibility of sustaining the development of West Philippine Sea.

“On the other hand, we urge our Filipino fishermen to take advantage of the peak season for fishing and also our local fishermen here in Palawan to continue their fishing ventures in the area,” it added.