WESCOM says no ‘sighting’ of anti-ship ballistic missile test in its area of operations

Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Western Command (WESCOM) said in a press statement that there was no sighting of anti-ship ballistic missile test in Joint Task Force West joint area of operations.

“Based on the report of our operating units, particularly the Joint Task Force West, there is no monitored sighting of anti-ship ballistic missile test conducted in our Joint Area of Operations,” WESCOM said in statement released July 3.

“WESCOM is continuously monitoring our area of responsibility, especially in the West Philippine Sea, and conducts regular maritime and sovereignty patrol missions incessantly to sustain our presence in the 9 PH-held island detachments,” it added.

WESCOM added that it is committed to discharge its duties in protecting and safeguarding Philippines’ rightful interests as provided by law, in accordance to the direction and guidance set forth by the national government.

On July 4, Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo said the Philippine government will conduct its own investigation after United States Department of Defense confirmed that they are aware of the missile test near Spratly Islands. “We will investigate on our own. We will do it our way,” Panelo said.