‘We vaccinated ourselves’: PSG to accomplish mission at all costs

Presidential Security Group (PSG) commander Brigadier General Jesus Durante III said in an interview with ANC that nobody from outside the command were involved in administering COVID-19 vaccine to PSG members.

He also noted that only those who are performing close-in security operations for President Rodrigo Duterte received the vaccine in September-October.

“With the advent of the pandemic, in my statement I have stated that we are at war, we are soldiers, we know how to take risk. We know how to face all of these risks and one of that is the vaccine in fighting this pandemic. So at any cost I have to get that weapon and that is my call. That is an independent call of PSG and that is the call of my command,” PSG commander Brigadier General Durante .

When asked regarding who administered the vaccine, Brigadier General Durante said “we vaccinated ourselves. It’s so easy.”

He noted that nobody from the outside was involved. “As I’ve said, we vaccinated ourselves. It is within our command,” he said.  He also said that they have not observed any adverse reactions.

“We’ve done our research. For now, we’ve found the appropriate vaccine for us, which I could say is a traditional vaccine, so we took the risk,” Durante explained. “We are soldiers so we have to take risks just to accomplish our mission. The bottomline here is we have to accomplish our mission at all costs.”

“We didn’t ask permission. We just informed him (President Duterte) about it after all the close-in personnel were vaccinated. He was surprised,” he said.

“We did it in good faith. We did not publicly or commercially distribute any of the vaccines. For us, we just can’t wait for it to be available, which is the timeline to be next year. We can’t wait for that. We have a mandate to perform and we have to do all the necessary measures that we can,” the PSG chief said.