Vietnamese boat’s captain recounts rescue of Filipino fishermen

“After working as a fisherman for many years, this is the first time that my family’s ship has rescued another vessel, especially a foreign ship. I believe that anyone who heads out to sea would have done the same thing, not just us,” owner of Vietnamese fishing boat TGTG-90983-TS, Ngo Van Theng said as quoted by Vietnamese news agency VnExpress.

TGTG-90983-TS is the Vietnamese fishing vessel that first responded to help F/B Gem-Ver after being hit by a Chinese fishing vessel.

According to the report, as recounted by the Vietnamese boat’s captain Nguyen Thanh Tam, TGTG-90983-TS crew were awakened past midnight when two strangers, Filipinos from F/B Gem-Ver, sailing on two small boats, approached them to ask for help.

“At first, the Vietnamese captain feared they were pirates but they were soaked wet and shivering. He guessed they’d had an accident and were seeking help,” says in the report

It added that the Vietnamese boat’s captain decided to help and headed out to the direction, 5 miles away, indicated by the 2 Filipinos.

“The Vietnamese crew found a group of 20 Filipino fishermen wearing life jackets clinging on to plastic barrels and pieces of wood from a sunken boat. They were tired, hungry and cold,” VnExpress reports.

The Vietnamese crew let the Filipinos board their vessel. They were provided with food.

Around 2pm of June 10, the Filipino fishermen transferred to a Filipino vessel they earlier contacted through the Vietnamese vessel’s radio.