VIDEO: Arriving French made patrol boats for PHL Coast Guard do maneuvers

A video of BRP Malamawi (FPB2403) and BRP Kalanggaman (FPB2404) undergoing maneuvers was released prior to their arrival for delivery in Subic.

The said assets are 24-meter Fast Patrol Boat type OCEA FPB72 Mark II newly built by French shipbuilder OCEA. These are the third and fourth units ordered by the Philippine government for Philippine Coast Guard (PCG).

The patrol boats were loaded October 16 on a cargo ship bound for Subic.

The first two OCEA FPB72 Mark II, BRP Boracay (FPB 2401) and BRP Panglao (FPB 2402), are already in active service after their commissioning on October 15.

“The FPB has a maximum speed (light load) of up to 30 knots; it is specially designed for hot pursuit and rallying as well as endurance even during rough weather operation. It can accommodate 27 persons (12 crews and 16 passengers),” PCG said.

“This acquisition is an additional asset to the PCG in the conduct of its missions such as general coastal patrol of territorial and economic zone waters, law enforcement operations, surveillance and Coast Guard operations, fishing surveillance operations, anti-smuggling and illegal immigration control, search and rescue operations, control of vessels at sea, and special operations,” it added.