Very dumb of us to allow DITO towers be installed inside military camps – Carpio

“I think it’s very dumb of us to allow those towers to be installed inside military camps,” retired Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio said in an interview with CNN Philippines September 10.

The former Supreme Court justice made the statement when asked to comment after National Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said China-backed DITO Telecommunity was allowed to put up towers inside military camps where Globe and Smart also have cell sites.

Carpio explained that “we know even if you turn off your smartphone, if somebody has injected a spy app there, they can listen to your conversation, your iPhone can take pictures even if without you knowing it, because they can take command of your smartphone through a spy app.”

“Just imagine, putting a tower inside of the military camp, and the equipment, all those chips on these towers are made in China, they can just put in spy firmware, the software comes from China,” he added.

“You ask any security analyst who’s familiar with cybersecurity, and they will tell you, absolutely do not allow towers to be installed in your military camps. Because it’s like allowing China to put a listening device in your conference room used by your commanders,” he said. “I think it’s a no-brainer, we should not allow it.”