US will defend PHL in case of invasion: envoy

United States Ambassador to the Philippines Sung Kim said that United States will defend Philippines in case a foreign nation attacks.

“Our commitment to this alliance is absolute, is ironclad. And I fully expect that we will come to the defense of the Philippines if any foreign nation were to attack the Philippines,” Ambassador Kim told CNN Philippines’ The Source reacting to a survey which says 61% of Filipinos believe US will defend Philippines in case of foreign invasion.

However, the US ambassador also made clear his country’s stand regarding the disputed West Philippine Sea.

“I think our position on the whole South China Sea situation has been quite consistent, and you’ve heard it before many times. We call on all claimants to refrain from any aggressive unilateral actions. We call on all countries to refrain from militarization of those features,” he said.

He also explained that freedom of navigation and overflight are international rights for everybody.

“It does not belong to any set of countries. And this is in fact one of the reasons why we continue to conduct freedom of navigation operations because it is a way to protect those rights and principles,” he said.