US transferring 4 OV-10 aircraft

United States Department of Defense – Department of the Air Force has released a notice to interested firms for Sources Sought Synopsis to determine potential sources for information and planning purposes for breakdown of four (4) North American Rockwell OV-10 Bronco, crating, shipment, and reassembly.

Expected scope of work includes disassemble four OV-10 aircraft (two G+ models and two A models) and reassembly of aircraft and re-routing of wires which will be done outside continental United States.

“The Proven Aircraft Program Office, located at Hill AFB (Air Force Base), Utah is anticipating the award of a contract to disassemble and crate four OV-10 aircraft via an FMS case,” said in the notice.

“Two G+ models had over five thousand (5,000) new wires installed during last upgrade without disconnects,” it noted.

The notice did not mention to what country the OV-10 Broncos will shipped, however, MaxDefense Philippines said in an article that the said aircraft are bound for Philippines for use of Philippine Air Force (PAF).

“The acquisition was really focused not on the aircraft, but for the transfer of OV-10 Bronco spare parts stored by the US government,” MaxDefense said. “With nowhere to use for, the US government offered to the PAF to acquire the spare parts for far less by just paying the transfer and shipping costs, which MaxDefense believes to be at just over US$2 million for everything, and the US government is gracefully including 4 air-worthy airframes with it plus some replacement parts.”

“As for the airworthy airframes, it was mentioned to MaxDefense that it would be two of the [demilitarized] OV-10G+ Combat Dragon II Broncos, and 2 unmodified OV-10A Broncos,” it added.

“The Philippine Air Force actually plans to reinstall some of the upgrades made by the US military [on OV-10G+], but it would be paid for the by the PAF,” MaxDefense noted.

“These additions will make the OV-10G+ Combat Dragon II Broncos still the most modern Bronco in PAF service once they join the fleet, and would be a good stop-gap measure and training platform for the upcoming Super Tucanos which will have the same capabilities as the Combat Dragon II Bronco,” it added.

Shipment to Philippines is expected within 2018.