US to work with New Zealand, Singapore, Vietnam, other ASEAN states for shared objectives – Biden

In United States President Joe Biden’s Interim National Security Strategic Guidance, he said that US will work with other nations for common interests.

Biden said that US “will reinvigorate and modernize our alliances and partnerships around the world.”

“Our democratic alliances enable us to present a common front, produce a unified vision, and pool our strength to promote high standards, establish
effective international rules, and hold countries like China to account. That is why we will reaffirm, invest in, and modernize the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and our alliances with Australia, Japan, and the Republic of Korea – which, along with our other global alliances and partnerships, are America’s greatest strategic asset,” the US President said.

“We will also double down on building partnerships throughout the world, because our strength is multiplied when we combine efforts to address common challenges, share costs, and widen the circle of cooperation,” he added.

“We will deepen our partnership with India and work alongside New Zealand, as well as Singapore, Vietnam, and other Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) member states, to advance shared objectives. Recognizing the ties of shared history and sacrifice, we will reinforce our partnership with Pacific Island states. We will recommit ourselves to our transatlantic partnerships, forging a strong, common agenda with the European Union and the United Kingdom on the defining issues of our time,” he said.

Biden also noted that China which “has rapidly become more assertive… is the only competitor potentially capable of combining its economic, diplomatic, military, and technological power to mount a sustained challenge to a stable and open international system.”