US to engage with China ‘from a position of strength’

The United States and China will be holding their first in-person high-level meeting on March 18 in Alaska, and United States will be dealing with China “from a position of strength,” US Department of State spokesperson Ned Price said on March 11.

“I think the predicate speaks to the ways in which we plan to engage Beijing from a position of strength,” Price said.

The State Department spokesperson said the sources of US strength are its alliances and partnerships, multilateral institutions, values, and domestic strength.

“Calls to our treaty allies in the Indo-Pacific were some of the first that the Secretary made upon his confirmation,” he said.

He said US Secretary of State Antony Blinken “is traveling to the Indo-Pacific to meet in person with our treaty allies, the Japanese and the South Koreans, primarily because we know that our global system of alliances and partnerships is, again, a core source of strength.”

“The military might call our partnerships and alliances force multipliers. We call them necessary. We call them imperative to achieve not only our interest to stand up not only for our values but to achieve common interests and to stand up for universal values and universal rights,” he added.

Price also said that “our values, which we also consider a key source of strength. We have consistently and oftentimes in harmony with our allies and partners spoken up in defense of our allies and to condemn the PRC’s affronts to many of these shared and even universal values, whether that’s in Xinjiang, whether that’s in Hong Kong – as a moment ago – whether that’s in Taiwan.”

“And fourth, our domestic strength. The administration has taken steps to strengthen our own house, recognizing that our strength on the world stage is directly tied to our strength at home, our supply chains.” he said.