US stands with PHL in protecting sovereign rights – US National Security Advisor

Visiting United States National Security Advisor Robert C. O’Brien said during the turn over of donated precision guided munitions and launchers that US stands with Philippines in protecting its sovereign rights and resources.

DFA photo

“Earlier this year, the United Stated states formally aligned our position on the South China Sea with the Arbitral Tribunal’s 2016 ruling,” O’Brien said.

“We stand with the Philippines in protecting your sovereign rights, your offshore resources and all those rights consistent with the international law,” the US official said.

He noted that “those resources belong to the children and grandchildren of the people here. They belong to the Philippine people.”

“They don’t belong to some other country that just because — they may be big and they may be bigger than the Philippines — they can come take away and convert the resources of the Philippine people. That’s just wrong,” O’Brien said.