US-PHL partnership to grow stronger with Navy modernization

The partnership between the Philippines and the United States is expected to grow stronger as the Philippine Navy (PN) gains headway in its modernization program.

This was emphasized by US Chief-of-Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson during a press briefing in Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City Monday afternoon.

“As the PN grows stronger so our partnership grow stronger and so everybody benefits from that and to the degree that we can contribute, certainly from a standpoint of training,” he added.

Richardson also said there might be some opportunities for the US to contribute some equipment to enhance inter-operability between the two Navies.

“As these capabilities come on, that would allow us to work more seemlessly together and, so all of these opportunities, its a wide open field for collaboration and we look forward to exploring it together,” Richardson added.

Earlier, the US naval official said the United States and the Philippines stands shoulder-to-shoulder in the pursuit of regional peace and stability.

“Our relationship is built not just on shared values but also on strong people to people and societal ties and nowhere is that felt more than to military-to-military relationships so anytime that I have the opportunity to visit a maritime nation especially one that shares our vision of a free and open Indo-Pacific that day is a good day,” he added. Philippine News Agency