US Navy signs contract for 2 nuclear-powered aircraft carriers

United States congressman 1st District of Virginia Representative Rob Wittman, a Ranking Member of the Seapower and Projection Forces Subcommittee, has commended the US Navy on the officially signing of contract for 2 Gerald R. Ford-class nuclear-powered aircraft carriers.

“Today the Navy finally secured a two-carrier block buy for CVN 80 and 81, further advancing US Navy efforts to build to a fleet of 12 aircraft carriers and 355 ships,” he said in a statement. “Leading this provision through my subcommittee, through the NDAA as a conferee, and finally fighting on the House floor for its an inclusion in the FY19 Defense Appropriations bill has been an honor.”

He noted that this dual buy means even larger savings than projected for taxpayers – $4 billion – and the certainty that our industrial base needs to retain and hire the employees who create the highest quality products for our sailors.