US Navy 38 ships to continue sailing in Indo-Pacific amid Chinese missile drill: 3rd Fleet commander

United States Navy 3rd Fleet commander Vice Admiral Scott Conn has said that they are aware of Chinese exercises in South China Sea adding that the US Navy has 32 ships operating in the Indo-Pacific region and will continue to operate.

Vice Admiral Conn made the remarks to comment when asked about China’s launching of two medium-range missiles into South China Sea on August 27.

“In terms of their launching missiles, the U.S. Navy has 38 ships underway today in the Indo-Pacific region, including the South China Sea,” Vice Admiral Conn said during a telephone news conference as quoted by Stars and Stripes.

“And we continue to fly, sail and operate anywhere international laws allow to demonstrate our commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific and reassure our allies and partners, ” he added.

“Our forces continually monitor exercises throughout the region, to include the recent [China] exercise that you mentioned,” Conn said. “Our naval forces are ready to respond to any threat to our allies or partners throughout the region.”