US Naval Sea Systems Command to help repair BRP Ramon Alcaraz

The United States Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) will help repair BRP Ramon Alcaraz (PS16) which suffered engine room fire incident and is now at Port of Cochin, India.

“Based on initial assessment, one of its main engines must undergo necessary repair to ensure the sea worthiness of the ship and safety of its crew prior its return voyage to the country,” the Philippine Navy said in an update May 10.

“The vessel will stay put to fully restore its operational status with the assistance of the United States Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA),” it added.

The Navy also noted that coordination is being made with NAVSEA and JUSMAG Philippines to work out with the repair requirements needed by the ship.

“PS16 was acquired from the US and still under the technical support program with them. Repair and restoration period is pegged at 21 days in consideration of the restraint due to COVID-19 but it may be shortened,” the Navy said.

“Courses of action are now being undertaken to identify the extent of damage and its corresponding cost to repair. The ship’s extended stay at port for the repair also provides ample time for the recovery of injured sailors, and to complete the hauling of the remaining 800 thousand pieces of donated facemasks,” it added.

It also said that BRP Davao del Sur (LD602) continued its voyage back to the Philippines around 2 pm of May 9 with Filipino repatriates and 200,000 pieces of donated face masks. LD602 is expected to arrive at Manila South Harbor on May 23.