US national security cutter deploys for Western Pacific patrol

United States Coast Guard Legend-class cutter/National Security Cutter USCGC Bertholf (WMSL-750) was deployed for a Western Pacific patrol mission. The cutter was sent of on January 20 in Alameda, California.

“Today, Bertholf sets sail and we are going to live up to the name national security cutter,” USCGC Bertholf commanding officer Captain John Driscoll said.

“We’re going to be doing a national security mission. When we get underway, we are going to be working for the United States Indo-Pacific Command, Combatant Commander. We’re going to be executing national security operation throughout the Pacific,” he added.

US Coast Guard Pacific Area commander Vice Admiral Linda Fagan said “we are an armed service.”

“We will stand in the breach of national security and continue to meet our obligation to the country and support the oath we took to support and defend the constitution,” Fagan added.

Aside from working in cooperation with US INDOPACOM, the cutter will engage in professional exchanges and capacity building with partner nations of US.

“They will be serving alongside other DoD military forces, particularly the U.S. Navy, and I know they will contribute key capabilities to that mission set. This crew has worked incredibly hard to get ready for today’s sailing, and I can’t think of a better ship and crew to be sending to the Indo-Pacific,” Fagan said.