US F-16s, FA-50PHs hold historic interfly training

The United States Air Force’s F-16s and Philippine Air Force’s FA-50PHs have conducted interfly training as part of the latest Bilateral Air Contingent Exchange-Philippines (BACE-P).

A U.S Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcon deployed from Kunsan Air Base, Korea, lands to kickoff the Bilateral Air Contingent Exchange-Philippines (BACE-P) at Cesar Basa Air Base, Philippines, Jan.18, 2019. U.S. Air Force photo

BACE-P kicked off on January 18 at Cesar Basa Air Base in Pampanga.

US Air Force F-16s, aircrew, maintenance and support personnel deployed from Kunsan Air Base, Korea to Basa Air Base, Philippines for the said exchange to fly and train with Philippine counterparts.

The latest BACE-P is the 7th since its establishment in 2016 and is remarkable for its incorporation of fighter aircraft.

“We are excited and grateful for this opportunity to work with our close friends, partners and allies in the Philippine Air Force,” said Col. Christopher Faurot, PACAF BACE-P senior officer-in-charge.

“Through this engagement, our bilateral forces will increase their interoperability and deepen relationships, which ultimately supports maintaining a free and open Indo-Pacific,” Faurot added.

In addition to interfly training, subject matter expert exchanges on intelligence, flightline, and maintenance backshop operations were also held.