US Coast Guard Academy Class 2023 president is from Philippines

The United States Coast Guard Academy (USCGA) has recognized all its Corps of Cadets Class Presidents on CGA President’s Day. One of the class presidents is 4/C Josh Orbe of USCGA Class of 2023.

Orbe is from Marveles, Bataan, Philippines.

The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) also expressed its support to Orbe.

“With the celebration of CGA President’s Day, we express our appreciation and support to 4/c Orbe as he exhibits the leadership and integrity of Filipinos at one of the most prestigious service academies in the world,” the PCG said.

Orbe said that for him being the class president is an “unimaginable honor”.

“I am tremendously grateful to the class for their support despite me being an international. As I get to know my classmates more, I grow deeper in awe of them: each one of them are amazing in their own way, be it sports, academics or oftentimes both. They are truly the nation’s if not the world’s best and brightest. I am honored to be counted among them,” he said.