US, Australia, PHL hold urban warfare training

Around 360 Australian, United States and Philippine soldiers and marines have just participated in Exercise Carabaroo (Carabao-Kangaroo) in Shoalwater Bay Training Area, Queensland, Australia.

According to Australian Defence Ministry, Exercise Carabaroo involved static live-fire range shoots and blank fire training in urban operations training facilities to improve drills, increase lethality and enhance the ability of the three nations to work together.  

“It’s about soldiers learning from each other, building trust in each other, understanding each other’s different cultures and shared values, and then bringing that together in a high-end combat scenario,” Australian Army 7th Brigade Commander Brigadier Andrew Hocking said.

He said that the final training mission was a combined assault into a fictional town under siege by role-played enemy forces.

“Allied troops flew in on United States Marine Corps MV-22 Ospreys and liberated the town using techniques and skills reinforced throughout the exercise,” he added. “The eighth rotation of the US Marine Rotational Force – Darwin participation in the exercise provides significant strategic and security benefits to both Australia and the region, including enhancing engagement opportunities with regional partners such as the Armed Forces of the Philippines.”