US Army experts train PCG medical personnel

The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) has said that its Surface Support Force, in partnership with the United States Embassy in the Philippines, held a Tactical Combat Casualty Care Training.

The said training, held September 10-11, aimed to further enhance the knowledge and skills of Coast Guard sailors in providing emergency care during disaster response and maritime search and rescue (SAR) operations.

“Experts from the US Army inculcated basic principles, concepts, and theories of urgent care under fire delivered through classroom instruction actual scenarios to ensure the 22 Coast Guard medical personnel assigned in PCG’s floating assets, law enforcement teams, and special operations units improved their expertise in saving lives,” PCG said.

It added that during the two-day training, students and instructors complied with the minimum health standards and other safety protocols for everyone’s protection against COVID-19.

“Aside from Coast Guard medical personnel, the US Army also actively trains members of the PCG’s deployable response teams who are at the frontline in the conduct of maritime SAR operations in the country,” PCG added.