US Air Force eyes to buy 8 F-15EX in 2020

The United States Air Force has unveiled its plan to acquire eight F-15EX in 2020 worth USD1.1 billion inclusive of non-recurring engineering cost.

This was revealed by Major General John M. Pletcher, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Budget, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Financial Management and Comptroller during the US Department Of Defense Press Briefing on the Fiscal Year 2020 Air Force Budget on March 12.

“We remain committed to the F-35 and its game-changing capabilities to the procurement of 48 F-35s, and this F.Y. ’20 budget also – request also balances readiness and modernization in the near term by procuring eight F-15EX aircraft to refresh our aging F-15C fleet, allowing us to benefit from foreign partner investments in the F-15 line,” said Major General Pletcher.

He said that part of the proposed USD1.1 billion budget for F-15EX is non-recurring engineering in the first year.

“When you buy a new weapon system, you’ve got to pay for the aircraft but you’ve also got to set up the line in although at the same time, we’re leveraging much of the investment the allies that have been buying the F-15,” he explained.

“But there is some non-recurring engineering in the first year, and then of course you’ve got the spares and everything else, as well, so I won’t get into the specific numbers that are going to be part of the contract negotiation, but I think you see $1.1 billion, but I wouldn’t say that’s the same average cost we would expect to see every year after that,” he added.