Unity is the only solution to be a great nation: Matteo Guidicelli

After completing the Scout Ranger Orientation Course at the Scout Ranger School (SRS), First Scout Ranger Regiment (FSRR) at Camp Tecson, Bulacan on June 27, Army reservist Probationary 2nd Lt. Matteo Guidicelli shared several learnings he had during the training.

Matteo Guidicelli photo

“Lessons, experiences, struggles, challenges, emotions. Difficult to explain. But what I can say is that it has been the best experience of my life,” Guidicelli said in a post in his social networking page.

“‘Take and take.’ ‘One day at a time.’ And everything will be okay,” the actor said.

“God bless our soldiers and their families. Unity is the only solution to be a great nation, lets do it,” he added.

According to Philippine Army, together with the 97 graduates composed of officers and Philippine Military Academy cadets, Guidicelli being the only reservist, was awarded the Military Commendation Medal and was recognized as an outstanding student.

“They underwent one month rigorous training where their physical and mental abilities are harnessed to prepare them to lead,” said FSRR Commander, Brig. Gen. William Gonzales.

Guidicelli said “the physical aspect, given na mahirap, pero what got me is the first four days na psychological effect sa akin. Dahil galing ako sa civilian na buhay, isang araw lang yung transition ko at pumasok na ako sa military, akala ko kaya ko, pero sa totoo lang gusto ko ng umuwi.” 

“As a civilian before, looking at soldiers, we give them so much respect. Now that I immerse, I live, I train with them, my respect for them has gone up that words cannot explain. Sila ang totoong VIP and without them, we wouldn’t be here, we wouldn’t be protected. The level of sacrifice a soldier goes through for their families, for their country, is beyond expectation,” he added.