TUV Rheinland recommends more tests on Chinese-made MRT3 trains

TUV Rheinland, the independent inspection and product certification service provider contracted by the Department of Transportation (DOTr) to audit and assess the entire MRT-3 system in general and the Dalian trains in particular, said in its Interim Report that additional information and documentation on design and validation evidence are still being obtained, and further type and routine tests are still to be conducted.

DOTr said that TUV Rheinland’s audit and assessment on the Dalian trains are substantially completed, but not yet concluded.

“Among the tests that TUV Rheinland recommended to be conducted is a weighing test of the Dalian trains in Manila, because the previous project team for the project failed to attend and witness the weight testing done in Dalian, China in November 2015,” DOTr said.

DOTr said that TUV Rheinland recommended the weighing test so DOTr and MRT-3 can formally witness and to eliminate any doubts and formally sign off on the trains’ weight.

“Knowing that the Dalian trains will affect the safety of hundreds of thousands of MRT-3 passengers daily, the DOTr and MRT-3 management will ensure that the necessary processes are observed in their assessment,” DOTr said. “We will not leave stones unturned, especially on the issue of safety. WE WILL DO IT RIGHT THIS TIME.”

It added that regardless of the independent assessment’s outcome, the administration remains committed in running after the officials that caused the current degraded state of MRT-3.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/DOTrPH/photos/a.132771066862038.24583.130406490431829/1064099440395858/