Trillanes vies for 1SAMBAYAN’s nomination for president

“In view of VP Leni’s preparations to run for Governor of Camarines Sur in 2022, I, together with the Magdalo group, have decided to convey to the 1SAMBAYAN Coalition to change my status from being an alternate candidate (to VP Leni) to being a principal candidate for President to vie for the Coalition’s nomination,” former Senator Antonio Trillanes said in a statement May 12.

“This move is necessary for my name to be included in 1SAMBAYAN’s selection process,” he added.

“Just to be clear, I am NOT DIVIDING the opposition as THERE WILL ONLY BE ONE UNIFIED SLATE to be nominated by 1SAMBAYAN, and both VP Leni and myself have committed to support and campaign for its nominees. Just to further stress this point, in the event that VP Leni DEFINITIVELY decides to run for President BEFORE 1SAMBAYAN picks its nominees in July, I would wholeheartedly STEP ASIDE and WITHDRAW my own candidacy in her favor,” the former senator added.

“BUT UNTIL THEN, we would work on the assumption that VP Leni would run for Governor of Camsur and, thus, we could now start our own preparations focusing on the development of policy prescriptions to solve the different problems of our Country, particularly on pandemic response; economic recovery and poverty alleviation; peace and order/security sector reforms; anti-corruption/governance reforms; universal healthcare; foreign policy (including WPS), etc,” Trillanes said.

“As I often stressed, the 2022 elections would be the most important elections in our nation’s history after 1986. Not only our Democracy is at stake, our very survival as a country is at stake, too. In just 5 years, Duterte has been able to destroy our institutions, bankrupted the economy, worsened poverty and corruption, surrendered our interests in the WPS, and promoted incompetence in public service. Worst of all, he made our people accept killings, immorality, indecency and vulgarity as the new societal norm. Truly, we WILL NOT survive another 6 years of a Duterte rule,” he said.