Trillanes to Duterte: Do your worst while I count the days

Senator Antonio Trillanes said that up to now, President Rodrigo Duterte “has yet to show even a shred of evidence to prove his baseless allegations.”

“Since September last year, Duterte has been saying that he asked different agencies to investigate the supposed anomalous transactions of my Mother,” Trillanes said in a statement after Duterte said an investigation involving Trillanes’ mother will be initiated.

Duterte said “we will initiate an initiate investigation kagaya mo and I will subpoena your mother sa ayaw mo’t sa hindi. Baka sabihin mong walang power ano – there is. We also have the contempt power but we have to go to court.”

“Now, Duterte is threatening to subpoena my Mother. Just do it and let it be another humiliating episode for you like the fake offshore bank accounts you alleged against me,” Trillanes added.

“Mahirap dito kay Duterte hindi lang ako kaya kaya ang Nanay kong may sakit ang pinagdidiskitahan. Sige lang, do your worst while I count the days,” the senator noted.