Trillanes says he met Bikoy for vetting process but Bikoy failed

Former Senator Antonio Trillanes IV said in an interview with ANC on July 30 that he met Peter Joemel Advincula alias Bikoy in August 2018 for vetting process adding that Bikoy did not pass the process.

“I vetted him and this Bikoy character did not check out. That’s the reason why I didn’t present him in the Senate,” the former senator said. “I met him around August last year and all those months I didn’t even give the media any clue that there is such a witness.”

Trillanes said among the red flags was Advincula, claiming to be CCTV operator, was not able to sketch the areas of operation which was allegedly in Misibis resort.

“What this guy’s been doing is he’s trying to twist or embellish certain facts. For example the fact that I met him and the purpose of that meeting is to vet him,” Trillanes said.

“That’s what I do for the past three years a lot of prospective witnesses have been vetted. I do the vetting myself because I’m going to stake my reputation alongside with these prospective witnesses. If they don’t check out then I don’t present him or anybody to the public,” he explained.

He also noted that he was able to present witnesses against the Duterte administration publicly. “It’s straightforward truth telling,” he said.

The former senator said that Advincula came out alone and when arrested the government may have offered to clear his cases if he will point to opposition personalities.