There is plot to dispose 4 of our Japan properties – Secretary Locsin

“There is another plot to dispose of 4 of our Japan properties. This is a second Pearl Harbor perpetrated by Filipinos on our own patrimony,” Foreign Affairs Secretary Teddy Locsin, Jr. said on September 14 in Twitter post.

“There are other ways to help Veterans—BCDA was sold for them but proceeds were stolen. We already sent our position to Congress opposing it,” he added.

“[D]ollar patriotism. Not while I am alive,” he said. “Kaching, kaching. Disgusting!”

Secretary Locsin added that “the plight of our poor veterans, so few of them left, have been invoked by every gang of officials who’ve run through the budgets of their own agencies. Usually happens toward the end of a term. Retirement fund of last resort.”

“I will fight this to their end. Shet before I go down in ignominy as the guy who sold our Japan properties,” Locsin said.

Under House Bill N. 1921, proposing for “AN ACT PROVIDING FOR THE PAYMENT OF ARREARS IN THE VETERANS PENSIONS AND BENEFITS MANDATED PURSUANT TO REPUBLIC ACT NO. 7696, AS AMENDED, OTHERWISE KNOWN AS AN ACT STANDARDIZING AND UPGRADING THE BENEFITS FOR MILITARY VETERANS AND THEIR DEPENDENTS AND APPROPRIATING FUNDS THEREFOR”, properties given by the Japanese government to the Philippine government under the Reparations Agreement, including the Roppongi, Nampeidei, and Fujimi properties in Tokyo, and the Noniwacho and Obanoyama properties in Kobe are among the properties eyed to be leased, developed or used to help fund the pension and benefits of veterans and military retirees.