‘Technology’ to verify missile system in WPS arriving 2018 – Roque

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said during May 22 press briefing that the “technology” needed to confirm placement of Chinese missile systems in West Philippine Sea is arriving this year, probably August.

However, Roque did not mention what specific platform the Philippines is acquiring.

“I think I have announced what it is that we need which we don’t have need to make public,” Roque said. “But it will be delivered within the year.”

“If I’m not mistaken the month mentioned to me was August, so we are procuring that equipment and it’s coming soon,” he added.

It can be remembered that on May 8 Roque said the Philippines does not have technology to independently verify placement of Chinese missile system in West Philippine Sea.

“Kasi wala pa iyong equipment na kinakailangan natin. Pero alam ko na iyong equipment pero ang pakiusap ni National Security Adviser, it’s sensitive to acknowledge that we don’t have this equipment. Let’s not publicize the name of the equipment,” Roque said during May 8 press briefing.

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