Suspect in killing of 4yo nephew killed after grabbing police firearm

Edmundo Perucho, the suspect in stabbing his four-year-old nephew to death in Manila on July 29, was killed after reportedly grabbing a police firearm at Manila Police District (MPD) Police Station 2.

According to police report, the four-year-old victim was seen entering the suspect’s house at around 1:12 pm.

At around 1:40pm drunk Perucho went out the house holding a kitchen knife shouting, “Patayin niyo na ako. Pumatay ako ng bata.”

According to police report, Perucho earlier had a drinking session with his wife’s brother, the father of the victim. Perucho is reportedly claiming that his wife is cheating and his wife’s family is tolerating it.

When arrested, Perucho reportedly asked for permission to use the toilet at the police station. When his handcuff was removed he grabbed a police firearm.