‘Sumusobra na kayo’: Duterte to implement more severe measure vs NPA

“I’ve been telling you, I will implement a more severe measure. What – what is it? Maghintay lang kayo. Kasi sabi ko sumusobra na kayo,” President Rodrigo Duterte said directing his statement to communist NPA during the Mindanao-Wide Turn-Over and Distribution of Certificates of Land Ownership Award (CLOA) to Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries (ARBS) on August 2 at Davao City Recreation Center.

President Duterte said he had been mayor of Davao City for 23 years, but “there never was a time that the military or myself allowed torture or to hurt people who surrendered from the NPAs or captured. Wala talaga. I will never allow it.”

“Ang problema nito in Negros, they captured four policemen. And they were battered to death with so many hematomas all over the body,” he said.

“Doon sa Sagay, ang pulis pinutulan pa nila ng… Gillette daw ang ginamit. Sabi ko, look, the reason why we cannot develop fully is the countryside are — the countryside is infested with parasites like you. You do not work, you exact taxation,” he said.

“I served notice the other day that I will not take it sitting down. I will just maybe… But I told my military and the police, “Gawin mo sa kanila. Do it do them also”,” the President said.