Statement of OVP on PACC’s call to investigate VP Robredo


Statement of Vice Presidential Spokesperson Atty. Barry Gutierrez on the PACC call to “investigate” VP Leni Robredo:

“The PACC statement is so ridiculous, so inappropriate, so out of touch, that I had to verify if it was really true. I am deeply disappointed that it was.

“Since Day One of the Covid-19 crisis, VP Leni has done all she can to help health workers, government institutions, and ordinary Filipinos overcome the challenges they have had to face due to the restrictions on travel, the shortages in supplies, and, of course, the ever present threat of infection.

“She has mobilized private citizens to procure PPEs for doctors and nurses, organized free transport for those that needed to engage in essential travel, brought extraction kits to the RITM, provided food to police and soldiers manning checkpoints, and set up dormitories so health workers have a place to rest near their hospitals.

“She has done all this without requesting additional public funds or seeking expanded powers. She did this because she saw a need, and she took action to meet it. She did this because it was the right and responsible thing to do.

“And now, unbelievably, the PACC wants to “investigate” her for it. And for what reason? Because she was “competing” with other agencies.

“Anyone who insists that bringing much needed assistance to hospitals, health workers, and poor Filipinos is somehow a “competition” has absolutely no understanding of the gravity of the crisis we are all facing.

“As an example, health workers all over the country are running out of PPEs, and they need all the help they can get, regardless of where it comes from. As of today, the OVP has delivered PPEs to over 100 hospitals, clinics, and LGUs nationwide, and yet, nearly 500 requests remain in the pipeline. Other private initiatives have also done their part. And I am certain that all these groups that have come together to help, the OVP included, would only be too thrilled if national government agencies came in with their larger budgets and bigger organizations to provide all the equipment and supplies that these institutions need.

“Besides, is the largest crisis the world has faced since World War II really the best time to talk about investigations, particularly of people who have done nothing except do the best they can to help out? I leave it to the PACC, and the rest of national government leadership, to answer this question for themselves.

“In the meantime, rest assured, VP Leni will continue to do all she can to help.”