South Korea donates 50,000 masks to PEFTOK veterans as gesture of appreciation


The government of Republic of Korea (South Korea) has donated 50,000 protective face masks for the use of Philippine Expeditionary Forces to Korea (PEFTOK) veterans and their families.

DND photo

The donation was handed over by Ambassador of South Korea to the Philippines Han Dong-Man to Department of National Defense (DND) at the Philippine Veterans Affairs Office (PVAO) on May 22.

DND said Ambassador Han recognized the contribution of the PEFTOK veterans to the “peace, freedom and democracy” Korea enjoys today.

He noted that the donation is a gesture of their appreciation to the Filipino veterans.

DND said the masks, from South Korea’s Ministry of National Defense and Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs, were turned over to the representatives of the PEFTOK veterans, led by Cpl Bartolome Catolos (Ret) and Atty. Walter Young.

“On behalf of the Secretary of National Defense as well as the PEFTOK association board members, I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to the Republic of Korea represented by Ambassador Han and Lieutenant Colonel Bae Jung Hoon (Korean Defense Attaché to the Philippines) for helping our PEFTOK veterans at this time of the pandemic,” said DND Undersecretary for Civil, Veterans, and Reservist Affairs Reynaldo B. Mapagu.

DND said the donation, intended to ensure the safety and well-being of the PEFTOK veterans and their families amid the COVID-19 pandemic, came as the Republic of Korea commemorates the 70th anniversary of the Korean War this year.