‘Sometimes, the truth hurts’: Binay on PTV #DutertePalpak erroneous tweet

“PTV 4 should not punish the person who posted #DutertePalpak on their twitter account. He or she was just sharing the sentiments of many Filipinos. Even in a govt TV station, we assume there is still freedom of expression. Sometimes, the truth hurts,” former Vice President Jojo Binay said in a Twitter post.

State-run PTV said a post in its Twitter account “circulated with the wrong hashtag which was never in the original caption which reads: ‘President Rodrigo R. Duterte reiterated his order to provide free face masks for the public especially to those who cannot buy their own.’”

“The erroneous message that was inadvertently posted by the PTV New Media, as it turned out, was the result of predictive systems in the text entry phase and a failure to adequately review and screen the message that actually got posted,” PTV said in an update.

“PTV New Media deeply regrets the error and take full responsibility for the oversight. The management will certainly institute disciplinary actions against members of the social media team who are behind the erroneous posting,” it added.