Some are worse than COVID-19 virus, unfortunately, they make decisions: Lacson

“As things are turning out, COVID-19 is not the worst virus in our country. There are some that are worse. Unfortunately, they make decisions,” Senator Ping Lacson said in a tweet April 1.

Meanwhile, in a released statement, Senator Lacson, as part of Joint Congressional Oversight Committee, gave comments/recommendations on the President’s first weekly report to Congress as mandated by RA 11469.

One recommendation from Lacson is “there must be an overall plan by the Executive Department to mitigate the risks and minimizing or stopping the spread of COVID-19, including a detailed presentation of how funds will be disbursed and used by the implementing agencies.”

He also said that “the Executive Department should provide Congress with a clearer picture of the COVID-19 situation and a progress update of implementation such as how many have been tested, number of displaced families and workers per region, and its impact on the country’s economy, including the steps undertaken to adapt to the developing situation, in its next report.”

Senator Lacson also said “the immediate implementation of the Bayanihan Act’s provision on the Special Risk Allowance granted to public health workers, on top of their regular hazard pay, and other benefits to both public and private health workers, especially to benefit those already infected or have died in the line of duty must be prioritized.”