Soldiers not loyal to chain of command should resign: Army spokesperson

“Your Armed Forces is professional and our loyalty will remain towards the chain of command. He [President Rodrigo Duterte] being the commander-in-chief, our loyalty is towards him,” Philippine Army spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Ramon Zagala said in an interview with Cignal TV One News’ The Chiefs on July 10, as quoted by

He explained that even if members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) have their own personal views, they should respect the President and follow orders under the chain of command.

“Now if we have soldiers who are not loyal to him, then you resign your position and you can talk all you want,” Lieutenant Colonel Zagala added.

Zagala also appealed to the youth to put importance on the reserve force. He also explained that to get into the reserve force ROTC is needed.

He said that it is time to fix the ROTC program “para mabalik natin and sense of patriotism ng kabataan natin.”

He noted that the country needs a pool of reservists. He said that someday those who undergone mandatory reservist program will be retired reserves.

“So we need to replace the first category and the second category. The only way we’re gonna do this is – our young people must be involved, they must see the need also,” Lieutenant Colonel Zagala said.