Singapore developing smart city for military training

The Singapore Army is developing a city, SAFTI City, which will feature realistic and challenging training environment for homeland security and urban operations.

Singapore MINDEF photo

In line with this, Singapore Minister for Defence (MINDEF) Dr. Ng Eng Hen led the SAFTI City Groundbreaking Ceremony on June 28, 2019.

Developed jointly by the Singapore Army and the Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA), SAFTI City is scheduled to open progressively from 2023.

“Phase 1 of SAFTI City will have over 70 buildings, including three 12-storey blocks, simulated underground facilities, and urban training structures. With a total estimated gross floor area of 107,000m2, phase 1 of SAFTI City will be able to accommodate brigade-level training,” Singapore MINDEF said.

The next generation smart training facility will feature bus interchange, an MRT station with multiple surface exits, high-rise interconnected buildings, dense building clusters, multiple road networks, as well as other public amenities such as shopping centres which will allow for a realistic and challenging training environment.

“SAFTI City will also be a smart city, leveraging smart technologies to enhance training effectiveness and soldiers’ learning experience,” Singapore MINDEF said.

“The face of the likely battlefield for a new generation of Singaporeans has changed… the chances of the SAF fighting in jungle ops have diminished considerably,” Ng said.

“Conversely, the odds that the SAF will be called into operations in built-up areas, even high density precincts, whether it is for peacekeeping operations, humanitarian assistance disaster relief (HADR) or other types of operations, have gone up… the SAFTI City that we are building will bring us to a new level,” he added.