Singapore developing combat ships heavily equipped with unmanned technologies

Singapore is eyeing to completely replace its Victory-class missile corvettes by 2030 with Multi-Role Combat Vessels (MRCVs) which are heavily equipped with unnamed systems.

“Equipped with unmanned platforms, and quick configurable with various mission modules, these new vessels will strengthen the RSN’s ability to protect Singapore and its Sea Lines of Communication,” the Singapore Ministry of Defense (MINDEF) said.

In presentation by MINDEF to Committee of Supply (COS) debate in Parliament on Friday, March 1, the ministry noted that besides improving capabilities, the new MRCVs will be custom-built for lean manning and incorporate technologies to automate certain functions. 

“This results in the MRCV using less manpower – about half the size found in modern frigates. In addition, this will result in operational cost savings of up to 10 per cent, compared to similar-sized frigates,” it explained.

“The MRCVs will also have unmanned air and sea drones to extend their reach and flexibility against threats,” it added.