Since 1970s ‘repeated offers’ made to abandon Sabah claim – Locsin

“As a matter of history there have been repeated offers to abandon our Sabah claim from aspiring presidential candidates since the late 1970s, usually opposition because they are most in need of campaign funds but administration as well. Don’t even dream of it,” Foreign Affairs Secretary Teddy Locsin, Jr. said in a Twitter post August 30.

“The Filipino public must know that what is on offer is huge so the temptation to betray is commensurately humongous,” he added in a post August 31.

“Leaving it to diplomats is not enough to safeguard the national interest in the matter. There’s the additional temptation to feel welcome in the host country,” he said.

“I remember an old bureau within the DFA exclusively devoted to the issue. Wonder if it´s still up. Will resurrect or revitalize it,” Secretary Locsin added.

In a submission to United Nations Secretary-General, Malaysia said that it has never recognized Philippines’ claim over Sabah. The submission of Permanent Mission of Malaysia to UN dated August 27 is with regards to Philippines‘ submission on March 6, 2020.