Senator Manny to Dasma punong barangay: How private letter addressed to me went around social media


Senator Manny Pacquiao is asking why the letter of Makati City Barangay DasmariƱas Punong Barangay Rossana Hwang to him went around social media.

The senator said, in a reply letter, “it has come to my attention that your letter has been the subject of several news reports and malicious social media posts. In this regard, I wish to know how this private letter addressed to me went around social media with total disregard to my right to privacy. Meantime, I will refer this matter to the appropriate agency for proper investigation to avoid the same incident from happening.”

Senator Pacquiao said that “even prior to your DIRECTIVE, the members of my family and I have been observing the proper physical distancing and have once again placed ourselves on quarantine since March 24, Tuesday.”

“We have three designated staff for essential errands and they have no direct contact with this household as they are staying at my house in Forbes. We are grateful for your offer to deliver our needs to our doorstep but we do not wish to burden our community with these matters which are well within our means and capabilities. Rest assured that we have and shall continue to strictly and conscientiously abide by the rules governing the enhanced community quarantine,” the senator added.

He also noted that he has tested negative for COVID-19 virus using a Rapid Testing Kit from South Korea.

“Although such test was not conducted under the guidance of the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine, I am willing to undergo a confirmatory test only if the need arises because I firmly believe that we have a lot of Persons Under Investigation or PUI who have to be prioritized in terms of testing,” he said.

“With all due respect, may you please allow a member of my household to go out to buy or do essentials pursuant to IATF guidelines? Accordingly, kindly have the appropriate Home Quarantine Pass delivered to my residence,” the senator said.

Senator Pacquiao also said “I would like to remind you that it is in the best interest of our immediate community, and of the general public, if we refrain from making assertions or conclusions based on unverified news items and malicious social media posts. We also ask that your office refrain from sending out official barangay communications directed to individuals to news outlets and social media. We do not wish to cause unnecessary panic during these trying times.”