Senator JV hopes Canada’s infra, healthcare systems become reality in PHL

Senator JV Ejercito is hoping that Canada’s infrastructures, mass transportation system, and effective healthcare system will be one day a reality in Philippines.

Ejercito recently completed a trip to Ontario, Canada.

“Much to be learned on how to improve quality of life of Filipinos back home, from massive infras, railways and an effective healthcare system,” he said. “These things I dream one day will become a reality in the Philippines.”

While in Canada, the senator also attended Philippine Independence Day Gala in Ontario organized by the Kalayaan Filipino Cultural Organization.

“Updated our Kababayans here that it is a dream for the Philippines to have an efficient mass transit and infrastructure and an effective Healthcare System just like what they have in Canada,” he said.

“We may not be a first world country but we hope to improve the quality of life of all Filipinos,” he added.