Senate okays bill seeking to establish hospital PCG hospital

Coast guards and their dependents may soon have their own hospital with the Senate’s approval of a bill seeking the construction and establishment of a hospital to be known as the Philippine Coast Guard General Hospital. House Bill No. 8833, otherwise known as an Act Establishing and Constructing a Hospital for the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), its Personnel, Employees, their Dependents and the Retired Uniformed Personnel to be Known as the Philippine Coast Guard General Hospital and Appropriating Funds therefor was approved in consideration of Senate Bill No. 2128, introduced and sponsored by Senator Joseph Victor Ejercito.

According to the bill, the hospital shall be located in the Coast Guard Base in Taguig, Lower Bicutan, Taguig City. The hospital shall provide a comprehensive and total health care services to all personnel of the PCG, their dependents as well as the retired uniformed personnel.

The hospital would also be tasked with conducting medical examination of all the trainees of the PCG to ensure their physical and mental capability and monitor the condition of the patients and generate relevant information and data in the aid of policy information.

Under the act, dependents would include the legitimate spouse dependent who is not a PCG personnel or employee; the legitimate, legitimated, illegitimate acknowledged children, legally adopted or stepchildren of the PCG personnel and employees below 21 years of age; children of PCG personnel and employees over 21 years old who are unmarried and unemployed, or who are incapacitated and incapable of self-support due to mental, physical or any disability, and parents who rely upon the PCG personnel or employee for financial support.

Funding for the hospital will be included in the annual General Appropriations Act of the Department of Transportation. SENATE