Senate commends Vico Sotto after US anti-corruption champ recognition

The Senate of the Philippines today, March 1 honored Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto by passing a resolution commending and congratulating him for being recognized by the US Department of State as one of its international anti-corruption champions.

“The young mayor has consistently refused to put his picture and name on billboards and similar materials on publicly funded projects in the City of Pasig. What easily comes to mind is our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal who once said, and I quote: “No good water comes from a muddy spring. No sweet fruit comes from a bitter seed.” Let me put it in a more simple language, distinguished colleagues: “Like uncle, like nephew,”, Senator Ping Lacson said in his sponsorship speech for Senate Resolution 660.

“Pasigueños are fortunate that they have gotten themselves a leader who embodies wise thoughts, prudent actions, and selfless intention to advance the well-being of his constituents,” Senator Lacson added. “Since he won the mayoral race in 2019, Vico Sotto has been demonstrating his steadfast commitment to stopping corruption by eliminating any kickback or bribery in the awarding of city contracts, establishing a 24/7 public information and complaints hotline, and formally involving civil society organizations in the city’s budgeting and policymaking.”

Lacson said that “we find hope in the likes of Mayor Vico Sotto that the younger generation is represented by a public servant who exemplifies good governance, accountability, and integrity in the conduct of his duties. It goes without saying that he is not only a breath of fresh air in Philippine politics, but truly a bright beacon of our beloved Fatherland.”