Seasoned ex-cops orient young cops against NPA assasins

President Rodrigo Duterte has commissioned seasoned retired police officers to orient young policemen who do not have experience in dealing with insurgents specially NPA assassins part of Special Partisan Unit (SPARU), Philippine National Police (PNP) Police Director General Ronald dela Rosa said on Thursday, March 22.

“We have seasoned retired police officers, who were commissioned by the President himself, to orient young officers who lack exposure in fighting insurgency,” General dela Rosa said.

“They will share what they know to make young policemen aware of the modus operandi of SPARU operations. They are going around, giving education,” dela Rosa added.

The PNP chief said the NPA stepped up their SPARU operations because they want to prove that they are a force to be reckoned. “But then again, I am sorry to tell them, they will find it difficult because now is unlike the situation in the early 80s where they had mass-based support especially in the slum areas. All it takes is a text message and they will no longer have control over an area,” he said.

President Duterte earlier this month told the men and women in uniform to “be careful of the Sparrows [and] there are policemen, retired, active going around and some of them are also former NPAs, meron ‘yan silang short [lecture], it could be good just also to listen.”