Sanofi told reimbursement not enough; shoulder health needs of affected children

“Reimbursement is not enough. Over and above its plan to pay back the government for unused Dengvaxia vials, I call on Sanofi to shoulder the health needs of the affected children and compensate their families,” Senator Risa Hontiveros said in a statement after Sanofi agreed to reimbursement doses of Dengvaxia that were not used.

“Even pending the result of the evaluation by medical experts on whether or not the deaths were caused by Dengvaxia, it is clear that Sanofi, of its own admission, is guilty of implementing an immunization program that could do more harm than good to our children,” Hontiveros added.

The senator said Sanofi should shoulder all the legal and ethical responsibilities that have resulted from it’s negligence. “The cost after all, is more than just money,” she said.

“There was clear negligence, and the responsible thing to do is for Sanofi to see to the health needs of the affected and compensate their families for the harm they have caused. Regaining the trust of the public is a far more important investment,” Senator Hontiveros added.

Moreover, the Senate Blue Ribbon being chaired by Senator Richard J. Gordon wants Sanofi to put up a compensation and monitoring fund for the people administered with the said vaccine.

“More than just reimbursing the government for the P1.4-billion unused stock of Dengvaxia or even for the cost of the total order, Sanofi should make provisions for the people, both children and adults, who were injected with the vaccine, for the monitoring and hospitalization and in the case of death, to provide full support to the families,” Senator Gordon said.