‘Only salvation’ now is vaccine and its not free – Duterte

“As I have stated time and again repeatedly that the only salvation available to humankind at this time of our life is if you are stricken with a virus, the answer is always vaccine,” President Rodrigo Duterte said during his August 17 talk to nation.

However, the President said that it will not come as free.

“A vaccine is a cultured combination of your body and a weak virus maliit instead of in attacking 50 sila you are only given five, 10 maybe. I am not a medical person. Pero it will alert your body system ang iyong defense mechanism immune aatakihin niya ‘yan makilala niya,” President Duterte said. “Actually it is of no cost to anybody but for a reason that it is science and it has to be developed, there is a great expense involved.”

“I would like to thank Russia, President Putin, and China, President Xi Jinping, for offering to provide us with the vaccine as soon as it is possible for distribution to the public. I cannot overemphasize my debt of gratitude. But remember that this is not for free for after all they did not develop the vaccine without great expense and also the human effort involved,” he added.

“Bibilhin natin ‘yan. Kaya lang kung mahal, if it is quite expensive then I will ask the — my friend President Putin and President Xi Jinping to give us a credit, parang utang, a credit line but we will pay not in one payment but by installments. Basta ang sinasabi ko magbayad tayo. Hindi ito libre,” Duterte said.