Saab, Lockheed promote Gripen C, F-16 for PHL’s multi-role fighter

Aerospace and defense companies Saab and Lockheed Martin were both present during the Air Force Symposium (AFS) 2019 on June 4.

AFS is an annual whole day event which involves the gathering of senior leaders, defense and military officials, members of the academe, defense industry partners, air-power practitioners, and others who have a stake in the country’s defense security and development.

At the symposium, Saab and Lockheed both presented promotional materials for Gripen C and F-16 Block 70, respectively. Both aircraft are being pushed for Philippine Air Force (PAF)’s Multi-Role Fighter Acquisition Project.

“Fueled by Saab’s thinking edge at every stage of it’s development, Gripen is more than a fighter; it’s a national asset that protects sovereign independence and empowers a nation towards a more secure future. That’s why we call it: The Smart Fighter,” Saab said.

For F-16, Lockheed said, in its website, “the F-16 can fly and fight to 2070 and beyond. New production aircraft; structural, and capability upgrades ensure the F-16 can operate to 2070 and beyond.”

“The APG-83 provides F-16s with 5th Generation fighter radar capabilities by leveraging hardware and software commonality with F-22 and F-35 AESA radars,” Lockheed said.