Saab announces first order for Gripen deployable hangar solution

Swedish aerospace and defence company Saab has announced that it received a launching order for its Gripen fighter aircraft mobile hangar solution, Deployable Aircraft Maintenance Facility (DAM) from the Hungarian Air Force.

“This is an important breakthrough for Saab as it marks the first order of the DAM, a fairly new offering in our product portfolio, however based on solutions with previous proven performance. It is a proof of our continued capability to deliver support solutions allowing air forces to combine operational availability with cost efficiency,” Senior Vice President and head of Saab’s business area Support and Services Ellen Molin said.

According to Saab, the Hungarian Air Force is currently operating 14 Gripen fighter aircraft on a lease-purchase agreement with the Swedish government.

“DAM will provide the Hungarian Air Force with an increased level of flexibility and reduce their dependency on stationary infrastructure for maintenance and protection of their Gripen fleet,” Saab said.

“A DAM solution can be rapidly deployed (in less than 48 hours) to enable sustainment of self-sufficient operations for extended periods of time, in any location, regardless of whether they are domestic or overseas,” it added.