Russian Borei-class submarine launches Bulava ballistic missiles

The Ministry of Defense of Russia revealed that on May 22 first Russian Borei-class nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) Yury Dolgorukiy (K-535) successfully launched four Bulava ballistic missiles.

“On May 22, the Project 955 Borei-class strategic nuclear submarine Yuri Dolgorukiy made a successful test salvo launch of four Bulava ballistic missiles from the designated area in the White Sea to targets at the Kura shooting range on the Kamchatka Peninsula within combat training,” the Russian ministry said.

It noted that “the missiles were fired from a submerged position, successfully completing the mission.”

“The test confirmed combat readiness of the Project-955 Borei SSBN and the Bulava missile system,” the Ministry of Defense of Russia said. “It was the first-ever salvo fire from this type of submarines.”

The Russian MOD said the SSBN crew demonstrated high professional skills in preparing for the test launch and in the process itself.